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Building projects with Atom text editor is a balanced state of intuitive interface and text simplicity. For over five years, Atom has brought programmers, engineers, developers, and coders alike the flexibility of editing with a hackable interface, that offers a wide variety of packages.

Atom much like many common day editors provides unique connectivity to secondary programs such as Git & GitHub Desktop with simple additions to packages that imply additional functionality.

Focusing packages helps develop a workflow for programming that establishes integrated best practices for developing and shipping quality products. Building Atom, into an IDE for applications can be a quick task with the right vision.

Parallel Systems

Connecting software applications to Atom can simplify the development process while tracking changes, submissions, and implementations to the codebase.

Tracking changes in this state is a process of management that lets the development become a continuous process, adjusts for updates to features, and allows testing for errors to write clean.

Git is a version control system managed through your command line and terminal. Direct commands guide interactions with Git to address settings, changes, and updates to local changes, commits, or an entire repository. Understanding how to establish exchanges with Git can be found through documentation.

GitHub Desktop is a simple, native application form of Git that allows for collaboration, contribution, and CI status updates visually. Performing the Git exchanges through an interface based method that enriches the visual connectivity of your repository.

GitKraken is a GUI client that interacts with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps. Accessing repositories while applying visual management to the codebase — processing merges, pulls, rebases and more through a user interface. Hands-on change management with a simple interface for tracking, building, and establishing new projects. Views of graphs, contributions, and branches are all available for building an enhanced structure with integrated changes.


Once you have an interface chosen and established for managing versions, shaping commits, and deploying changes the platforms can be integrated into Atom with its core telemetry.

Extending the viability of Atom to become an even stronger editor by introducing packages — factoring, editing, styling, and adapting code becomes simpler.

IDE Terminal adapts the editor into a modern IDE, adding the ability of the editor to run, configure, and deploy code. The essential value of having these both in the same place affords the functionality of running one structure. Installing software packages, running git, and assembly commands can now be done without leaving your editor.

Toolbar enables the editor to have main assets focused in an adaptive and quick format for resolving functionality. Access the main features of your workflow with styled buttons to enhance the functionality of Atom.

Beautify formats code within Atom to apply logical styling to improve the indentation, formatting, and structuring of your code. Improving quality by nature, helps contributors find areas to focus faster.

Teletype provides a shareable link to your local codebase for sharing and collaborating on-the-fly.

Minimap provides a slim overview of the entire project page, allowing you to move through the local code base with ease, by larger sections.

TernJS brings intelligent code to your fingertips with formatted solutions for a list of languages to help develop methods, components, and expressions. Simplifying the development process with suggested snippets.

Managing packages and installing them enables Atom to become a rich solution for developing code as a programmer. For Frontend, Middleware, and Backend, there are various templates, choices, and examples that can be integrated based on the workflow.

Similarly to software packages, updating and organizing these modules is simply handled through the program, with supporting documentation that exists on the Atom site. Being the main feature and widely sought after system for the text editor, packages are continuously developed, adapted, and introduced.

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