The Internet as a Social Network — Fullstack React.js Social Application

Spending days, years, months, and on impressing into the abyss that is the internet — a void of hyper-script that has always tugged at my heartstrings. From early ages, definitive and on, I was always curious to build something within the internet I could call my own.

Cognitive Nuances of JavaScript State Functions

Cognitive imagery is something I reflect on often, it is my memory, simulations, visualizations, and impresses. The greatest coaches, players, warriors, minds, and on have reflected on this as well.

The structure is something sought by many, regarded by few, and illuminated with variance across time; to breath is to become part of this — the extension, creating breathes in reality

Abstractions in Programming User Interfaces

I appear to many one ways, internally always another. I feel this is true for many. Expressing things finds a strange rabbit-hole of notions within the context of a mind that shakes my frame, morning to dawn.

Abstraction is my lifeblood, the internet is my tool, code is my worst-friend, music is my best, places where both meet continue to un-become and as the structure around adapts we are increasingly digital and hyper-ally siloed.

React Social is that. That being a motion to draw abstraction from an ore purer than silver itself. Software engineering is my path, experiences are my strength, and the in-between is what I am sifting via technology.

Validity of Serverless Computations for Stateless Applications

Creating is the most enigmatic way to expel energy into the world. Outside of exhaling, to create is to run a marathon in your mind. Finding a connection between entities at a micro-scale builds intuition for that of a macro-scale.

Touching the tangibility of creation requires learning. Living immediately is only as easy as one is enabled. Finding the peace in structure means building validity in serendipity — even forging it.

Making React Social something worth using is the process in itself. Something I have learned to respect as a function of the greater whole. Whether it be improving programming, adapting to technologies, and even redefining what is new. React Social is in-process as a theorem of self, for others, in place of conversations, often not sought.

Building something to understand is the most conformable expression of humanity in itself to define oneself, through each and others we find ourselves, how we do so, means that much more. As wordy & pithy as one can say, a place to create simple things is the start, a space to define macro things be it the end.

React.js Social Fullstack Application

In the coming months, signup & users will unroll, starting with framework for entering information, context, content, and personalization. It is not a book of faces, nor, a place for reposting but a tool for making with a purpose. A place, space — “A Void for Each’s Own”.


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Full Stack Developer @IBM — Java, Spring, React, React Native, JavaScript, Node, NoSQL, Kubernetes & Cloud Native. (These Views Are My Own)

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Joe Alongi

Joe Alongi

Full Stack Developer @IBM — Java, Spring, React, React Native, JavaScript, Node, NoSQL, Kubernetes & Cloud Native. (These Views Are My Own)

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