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I’ve always felt it important to understand why there is an air of importance felt through responses in these spaces. From the initial Twitter videos to Periscope to Snapchat experiences in what we now see as videos unfolding through the digital plane. The truth, or so I believe is that of storytelling. The way we communicate with rapid depth; I know, seems frail, but hang with me… it is through that of visuals. This is not a new phenomenon, but we are widely adopting the use of these concepts as our present vernacular. It is interesting to think, a vertical video with a bar of text is the new walk a mile in your shoes, or so we assume and accept.


The evolution of these platforms and the margin of prolific expansion of such is the only testament to their existence and proclivity in our lives. For those platforms that were there from the start, I nod to you, you saw how viable these platforms could be and push to define those finite variables that sway in the balance of product success.


More so than the live video I am fascinated with the experience that is created with the short burst of the camera, the quick responses, and the live attributes all combined. I remember the first time I got a video response on Twitter, it was beyond what I could image, it felt so pure and tailored, my name was said, the message took time, and effort, to mention as well it was outside of the platform. Do you see the steps here, they should be easy to preclude in sentiment when juxtaposing our normal interaction. Okay, maybe I am assuming too much understanding, so let us break this prose to find it.


Ours, humans, is that of our voice, that of the vibrations we create as we echo through our existence. This as many is a challenge of digital interactions without such, so much of our experience comes not only from body language but our perception of how another emits this sound. ‘Can you hear me now?’ — yeah, I see what you did there, you played this concept into our relational minds and said here brain, chew on this concept while you align this brand.


What I enjoy about all of these technologies, is not specifically every or one individually, though studying them as such is wise, but the connectivity of these devices in the future. How all of these experiences, the nuances of them, and how we respond to designing them.

We can certainly advocate a framework, push ethics until perfection, but as we saw with the videoesque exchanges that are now leading us into dark social, we must ask ourselves, are we connecting these properly, are we providing opportunity for understanding, and if so, are these technologies built so the user intuits such?

A question we must ask, beyond the product, the design, how as one, do these components work? Building these pathways between neural components and intelligent machines will become the future of how we interact with technology and develop a greater general human intelligence.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Connecting!

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