Deploying a Website (Static):
Your Step into the Internet

In 2020 I focused on developing core principles through templating best-practices into effectual logic cycles that become independent frameworks of their nature.

Pedigree is up to the developer forking, establishing, and building from the effectual framework. Knowing the framework is as simple as reading documentation. Adapting simple logic into complex business methods is the task at hand.

Static sites are a great place to start, often individuals to businesses look to Squarespace & Wix to generate simple templated sites that saturate with users though are often quite repetitive. Simple static sites utilize custom code and styles, unique to the developer to begin the HTML & JavaScript journey into development.

Hosting a Website with GitHub Pages

From websites to documentation, hosting is often the first challenge in configuring a new site. If you are familiar with version control you should know GitHub, from the desktop client to pages you may find a series of great solutions that meet versions of code and adapt with you.

Project Structure

A project structure can keep you consistent, keep you on track and develop a procedure for your development. If you are looking to start with something great, try a boilerplate.

├── index.html
├── about.html
├── contact.html
├── 404.html
├── /js
│ └── main.js
├── /css
│ └── main.css
├── /img
│ └── img.jpeg
├── favicon.ico
├── robots.txt
├── .htaccess
├── .gitignore

Static sites can be easily configured and hosted as GitHub pages as they are configured within the GitHub repository. Each repository can become a page/multi-page site that is hosted through GitHub with a free CDN(Content Delivery Network).

Settings -> Options -> GitHub Pages

You will find yourself enjoying pushed-based hosting that can be version controlled behind branches and commits that build as you do. Choose your branch wisely and build with custom domains through simple DNS hosting.

Deploying an Application to Netlify

If you are looking for something more progressive and modern Netlify is exactly that, familiar with merge fields? caching? and CDN’s? Netlify provides a series of settings to host and connect your static website to a simplified back-end.

Dashboards, data, domains, forms, plugins, and extensions that are built into the platform can be integrated with simple APIs to the extension in which is as effective as modern applications and as simple to configure as HTML.

Team -> Plugins

Serverless functions & cloud computing work through edge infrastructure that computes flawlessly outside of your static site and then back, want to add search? Add a crawler plugin.

Developing modern static sites that perform as applications becomes a quick and easy task that affords the developer the know-how without the infrastructure. Connect your GitHub account for build-on deployment, version control by branch, and get to set up a custom domain.

Purchasing & Pointing a Custom Domain

Picking a domain is as simple as choosing a brand name, variants in TLD have afforded creativity. For the most part nameservers from popular TLD providers are quickly swapped for utilizing a domain on your custom site.

HyperText Access

An .htaccess file is the static sites configuration method that helps build a server logic to how the web-server configures your URL, page readability, redirects, and rewrites.

In plain text include optimal & structural instructions from file access to error handling. In simple formats, directing the server instructional can save a lot of time configuring unique pages, and search experiences.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Establishing!

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Full Stack Developer @IBM — Java, Spring, React, React Native, JavaScript, Node, NoSQL, Kubernetes & Cloud Native. (These Views Are My Own)

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Joe Alongi

Joe Alongi

Full Stack Developer @IBM — Java, Spring, React, React Native, JavaScript, Node, NoSQL, Kubernetes & Cloud Native. (These Views Are My Own)

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