Design by Community: Tools for Teams and Developers

Design the all evaluated measure of quality, visuals, and compliance by the community — as technology in this vertical has adapted & scaled, so has the audience.

very person from the core team to the extensive list of involved participants have become incorporated in the process as Sketch became the dominant tool for defining interfaces, as illustrator the encumbering vector design program — the world wanted more.

Intricacies exist in market fit, in audience, and consistency. People often question how things become, less how they work, tools like Sketch took the ballot for being extensively adaptable, professionally focused, and measurable by quality & precision.

Cloud-Enabled Design Collaboration for Teams

It seems like a buzzword, cloud, for the standards of practice it was like anything is, as it begins. Design in the cloud is hard when systems are structured around tables, pixels, and dispatched across different environments.

Developer hand-off as in design is the newest focus, these patterns, have evolved, and are apparent in the outcome. Emulating predecessors the artboard needed to be efficient and easily adaptable.

If Illustrator was your choice before, then Sketch, you have become very aware of the desktop program and its pattern of creation, at first many tools had their variant to scale without exactly mirroring this.

Framer had its JavaScript language, InVision Studio its tool-set, and Figma a somewhat adapted iteration pattern.

aralleled factors aside, the cloud-enabled design has been cumulatively established to smooth the design process. Creating shapes, embedding images, and connecting paths to emulate steps form how the design is formed.

Accessibility of Design Files for Global Teams

Patterns, adaptability, and features aside becoming main stead applications like Figma have further developed their platform. As designs become available online, the contents of artboards are now accessible around the world with the Figma Community.

eaching even further is the ability of animations. Motion design is being incorporated into development in a similar, streamlining factor, that design components were initially into code, such as Sketch to React.

Examples like WebFlow have pushed the designer/developer balance to a whole new level, the ability to factor interfaces as code makes it that much more interesting to see how designers can become, much closer to developers.

Figma Motion is setup to precedent how motion design is implemented through the developer hand-off. The idea, is that designers become part of the solution where code meets the DOM, when objects begin to move in space, in sense, is part of the design process.

Community Variance & Designing with Diversity

People are very familiar with the idea of version control, even if used less recently in the form of ideation, though in the concept of a construct.

Features in sharing & collaboration have expanded this theory, now in a sense of review and replication, design has a simple iteration of version control. Figma Community is a step in the direction of providing open-source design, a thought-worthy experiencing.

Many current open-source code maintainers have been utilizing GitHub, pull-requests, and project boards to fulfill these tasks — now imagine Figma as this utility.

Embed-able, sharable, replica-table experiences in user-interface design. Expanding the ability of designers to collaborate not only exchanges a diversity of ideas but extends the ability of quality to reach the far corners of the earth.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Empowering!

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