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There is a phrase that truly captures this idea with valid brevity — it does not happen on an island. I specifically enjoy this idea as someone who markets digitally for an array of brands. Knowing where to go and when is a combination of 2 parts sense, 3 parts research, 2 parts competitive analysis, 1 cup of teamwork, and a tablespoon of capital.

I have often seen more achieved organically than those who divided thousands into accounts and platforms without a focused angle. Digital marketing is about content, absolutely, yet so much more is around the acquisition and a strong targeting strategy. With the wide array of solutions today, it is easy for most to create content and share it.

The ease of creation has detracted from the artistry of advertising, too often we forget that wrapping a sentence with a bow brings the value with a metaphorical smile.

Certainly, this does not mean we need to spend hours drafting and writing unique ads for posts that will fill half of the inorganic timelines today. Though ask any SEM/SEO and they will surely fill you in on the data contributions that they break through just to get a few wins in a day. Digital and the communication model surrounding it has developed so quickly that just any strategy will not do.

Why We Tell Stories

Telling stories not only aligns the user with a journey they can visualize but plays to our natural language sense of rapport. In an instinctual way, we rely on word of mouth to learn and gain our knowledge and sense of community. In such occurrences where these relations are unfolding digitally, we can surely see how the value can be lost upon a static word. Balancing marketing and conversions means learning how to mitigate the generic, while still retaining a niche approach.

Often we discover that by mapping our user journeys we can define segments of individuals, connecting them through a funnel, in which leads them through an ecosystem that becomes increasingly tailored.

Understanding the perspectives of individuals and then mapping the path/s they will take through the journey, we can provide stronger solutions and balance the friction. In many contexts we must back our way into these call to actions, to create a focused set of variables that keep the user satisfied and also provide enough value throughout to keep them interested. The story approach captures all of these themes and begins to guide them through an experience we wondrously call the journey.

Everyone Plays on the Team

Knowing your user and their intention is a huge understanding that is often overlooked, once the insight is gathered, it is then time to huddle up and bring the team together. Selling on these digital leads has a connotation, too often this occurs with repetitive or blanket content that keeps appearing throughout the funnel.

Avoiding churn is an act of balancing tailored content and asks across a longtail effort while also understanding the sales cycle well enough to provide unique asks.

Knowing where to place the individualized pages and added value is key to capturing the value in the digital space. Persistence while creating a sense of urgency that is applicable can convey your ask until you are the only task in mind.

The formula has not shifted, but the noise has increased, and understanding how to target and convert users has changed immensely even in the past couple of years. We must first understand our core products and offerings, then our users and their intentions, look at our sales cycle and funnel, then measure it through by backing into it with journeys. All of this adding on projects and components that will need more time and resources, but develop the offering and establish an exceptional customer journey.

Now That’s an Ask

We should continuously consider how we provide value and propose our ask to keep our business generating revenue. Too frequently we do not connect our teams to share experiences and focuses that could keep our selling propositions aligned. Once we huddle we must be honest about our perspective of how our users advance in the funnel, what we see them doing through interactions, how we see them thinking through choices, and how we can improve those experiences to unify the solution.

If someone is looking for your solution they should find it, if they have questions you should easily provide them, if they need to learn something to use your solution, you should hand them the details and make it fun. All of these experiences are driven by the people involved through every process, learning to connect these interactions internally radiates it externally. To create better products we must work together, and that is why digital marketing is a team game.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Selling!

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