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Interactions & Experiences Can Develop Knowledge

What is often misconstrued about social is that we are separate from our interactions there. Aligning digital as a sort of emphasized platform that only exists outside of our 9–5. Companies around the globe build and develop each day through these platforms, but continue to separate the users and their experiences as they misinterpret how one could engage throughout the day.

Digital Conversation

Much as many stops to have a conversation, others pause, to share a tweet, like a post, or share an idea. Separate from these individuals is the idea that these platforms could be distracting to their own environment, these two are not mutually exclusive, much an argument for other contexts as well. Though there is time for deep work, there is also time for practicality. Often we understand more about experiences as we use them ourselves, learning to further iterate from experiential interaction.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Conversing!

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