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My answer again, to ‘the warrior, to the wind; focus’

The structure is something I often feel most I observe lack, though the function of their roles is met, their existence is balanced and their life seems that of the norm, I seek the other version.

“Knowledge is the distinct adaption of ability in consortium with focus”

Where this revolution occurs is the distance between the clinical version of focus and my adaptive version of how to achieve this. Mind you, I have read the wake at 4, stretch, [insert yoga], coffee & breakfast, meditate to sleep version, and for me, it only slightly works.

“The affordance the past few years, has been the ability to develop and understand this myself while also achieving that in which I stri/ove for”

The lead to the next conclusion is the steps in which I have this mindset of passing which I know will be immediately effectual, in which could be futuristically effectual. This is a lot of investing to micromanage, before the day begins, though, for years, this is the analogous version of evolution in which I have taken, and found both yields and faults.

“Fashion is pain, intelligence is strife, the world spins 24/hrs a day and we unfortunately require sustenance”

If you follow along or can recall one of my last emissions of human continuity, I wrote on developing to an elite, which, as referenced, is my effective goal in existence, through all the means in which I find.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Developing Minds!

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