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The Visual Stories that Shape Products

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Through the past of storytelling, we have long acknowledged the brains viability in processing visuals and its correlation to comprehension. Measuring the impact of recollection, our ability to metastasize and collect memories through visuals is a magnificent occurrence. Knowing our minds to piece together such puzzles, or rather sometimes, unconsciously, we must use these components to convey our message.

The covalence of such duplicity occurs much further than we need to travel, to understand the interest vested in such applications as Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Just naming measures of the static components, though each has employed its own viable onsets of temporal content as well. From stories, to live chats, and daily/weekly collections, each of these solutions are curated by contributors and many at that. Knowing this we must act.

Identifying Methodologies

The major viability applied to one of these outlets is the engine packed behind the wheel that cycles the various genres of curation across the wind and through the world. Instagram continues to present stronger solutions as it peers through the windows of Facebook’s ad platform, aligning with catalogs and audiences to match and point in the funnel.

Purely, it is incredibly effective, though with the addition of automation, bots, AI, and a marketing stack together, we see many more benefits passing through the minutes it takes to conjure a post.

Outside of the marketing viability and platform spread alone, there is so much we can understand about the micro-interactions that feed the algorithms, to discovery, and even the conversions through the platform itself. Outlined below you will find a couple of brief methods and ideas of how we try to solve the puzzle.

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Evangelizing Reviews

When it comes to aligning visuals with stories, word of mouth is where we can create an enormous amount of traction with a little bit of listening. Taking a segment that is really eager to develop, providing them with immediate and visible value, then presenting them with minor asks. Much like the idea of link building in S.E.O (search engine optimization), we can see the value of targeting specific users to help us carry our voice, far beyond the hills.

When we are looking for content, or kind words about our products, these segments are often our most loyal and humble customers, making sure we pass the value on and continuing that rapport, we can create evangelists of our product through review. As we gather these segments, it is apropos to spend equal parts listening, this will bring more insightful change to our solutions and more value to the ones paying attention.

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Leveraging Interaction

Defining clear hashtags for our posts, niches, segments, and products, then aligning it with other ad-spends can certainly drive a lot of visibility to our product. Having a clear understanding of what drives inbound interaction through the nuances of the platform, can be quite beneficial, though past that is where we open the gates.

Each post is not only a marker in the day, as the cycle of new content flows through, but more so an opportunity to follow our paths and develop our audience. Following through our hashtags, going through our feeds and stories, focusing on the interactions in the micro and leveraging them to spread our macro even further. Liking, commenting, watching, and listening are all valuable components in these actions, they not only fuel the formula but refine our perspective on what our users are thinking.

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Prioritizing Niche Continuity

The aforementioned is mostly understood as inherent actions throughout our process, applying a bit of mindfulness to these ideas, we see patterns in the listening that allows us to understand more of where our true voice is. In certain occurrences, the content we share or use can be completely different than the solution of the products, though it may be a horizontal way of identifying users. Knowing our niche, playing to its validity, and acquiring along our outside of such, all divine from the connections we foster through listening.

Mapping the journey, even in a platform basis setting, can not only measure where we should spend our time when seeking to be wise but also improve our value proposition to the 20% Pareto prerogatives. Knowing that a small group can be more effective than a large group, we can draw confidence in sustaining and developing key contributors to the experience. Make sure to show appreciation to loyal contributors, everyone may depict a conversion in their own way, even if it is not directly measurable through R.O.I (return on investment).

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Validating Our Research & Action

Instagram alone is an engaging platform, there are so many avenues for collecting, sharing, and external outlets forged through creativity. Paying attention to how we use these conditions to appeal will help us develop our audiences and businesses as well. Engaging content is not that alone, we must communicate and build a community to develop our own means of accomplishing in all of these avenues.

We find many of these inputs are not directly returned, though may drive short effectual spikes, the value is in the ongoing nurturing of community and the value we provide. At the first sight of gold, do not pack the village, keep working the town to validate our concepts, then spread the word, and make the journey together.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Leveraging!

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