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Dynamic Filters

Though many may say some spaces are too loud, or locations are too busy, it is often in the mindset of perception, how well you can focus those into a fixed input. Our brains have intentional filters, by means of which we focus on long enough, our mind can shape our perception of a sound. Learning the ways in which this helps us concentrate can add dynamic value to our day. In many means, we are often struck with distraction and either need to reallocate or press on with our task. To be mindful we must weigh these considerations, knowing where and when we should seek silence, as well, when we should put our task down to find depth at the moment.

Balancing Data

The mind continues to develop spheres of experience, often, around presence. Much as practicing the weight of momentary perception, we experience such contributions in the waves of sound as well. Allotting time to hear and develop the appreciation for the music of our daily experience, the more attune our senses become to deciding what to accompany. Gathering all of this auditory data, we learn what soothes us, what motivates us, and where we can find these spaces to develop our approach to an even more balanced day.

Dedicated Approach

Mindfulness is an active practice, an experience we choose through each moment. Identifying the aligning components helps us focus in on our daily contributions to the practice. Each day can be dedicated to uniting a new part of a focus to overtime allow for more flexibility and cognition.

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