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Practicing Visualization

The practice of the idea of imagining experiences is often referred to as seeing success. A process of creating a story in our mind around a given set of principles allows us to predicate a set amount of variables. Visualization allows us to anticipate shifts in patterns within interaction and predetermine ways to approach a better solution. The empathetic sensitivity is key to this mindfulness as it allows us to approach a situation with a refined understanding of how we can be quite thoughtful, despite the connotation of the message.

“I would rather walk the sidewalk in front of a person’s office for two hours before an interview than to step into that office without a perfectly clear idea of what I was going to say, and what that person, from my knowledge of his/her interests and motives, was likely to answer.” — Dean Dunham, Harvard Business School

Personalizing Experiences

Understanding the importance of personalizing an experience, imagining one's success, and predetermining possible outcomes through rapport, we have a much better chance of applying our best selves. In exchanges large and small our interactions are best suited when we bring the best version of what we have to offer as often as we can. Although often life can be quite dynamic in nature, we can learn to balance our decisions based on the means in which we are provided.

Valuing Moments

Capturing mental moments through visualization is only one of the many adaptive techniques we can use to have more mindful experiences. Through more experiences we can contrast the time spent practicing and identifying the best methodologies for ourselves.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Personalizing!

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