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When It Changes

You change as the world around bends to the means of the means, as the world becomes that that becomes. They never tell you what the world wants, the world expects you to know. To understand the world is to understand yourself and beyond, the conscious mind comes from, consciousness.

How the You Changes

Where these matters shift is upon your threshold, the urgency you imply, the demand you seek. The notations of others are written by them, their thoughts, experiences, articulations, confirmations, and all along with their story. What one must find, is not the bidding character, hamartia, setting, or plot, though the formula for enduring.

How it All Changes

What takes someone from beginning to end is not their precise actions, nor their compromise, tact or will, but the influence they have on themselves to survive and unify the natural occurrences as one motion. To breathe, knowing there are more breaths, to endure knowing there are more steps.

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