The Algo of a Generation

Though I feel even titling this is a bit presumptuous, often in these contexts, we must be. Algorithms are all around/define/deliver us to new things/content/places/people/the world. We are generations of digital data, and we can choose to embrace it or at the very least [hopefully] understand its impact.

In a world of “fake news”, click-bait, and satirical topics — deciding where what, and why is important. Information is becoming increasingly gated, content is more so a breadcrumb itself, and words, dynamic tools for sorting. We often do not consider how emphasized the times/what/how we share become/became/are increasingly impactful in the version of the digital experience we en devour.

Everything is connected in the digital state, far beyond that which we see. Knowing that we can begin to either succumb or build an experience in which we seek. In an era where multiple accounts, followers, and ideas are bucketed/sorted/categorized/and listed we need to seek paths of niche to preemptively sort our information.

We used to seek such connectivity in this structure, brilliant minds alike created structures like RSS to connect these contributions, bringing information together, and uniting knowledge. We now face/endure the other maxim of such endpoint, niche/dark/segmentation. Although only lines ago I suggested segmenting your own experience via multiple views, much of what we seek is already being aligned with such.

These ideas are paramount to emotional intelligence and its matters in connecting worlds still are yet to be understood. I outlined some thoughts about this in “Build Your Metrics on It” because I do believe, as many studying these matters, that seeing patterns as such requires us a specific acuity. These paths exist beyond numbers and lend themselves to an idea of “Real AI”.

Human Equations

People followed by, liked, and shared drives so much of our existence. I have quoted this before, with feedback that “big tech” does not side here, though he would tell you as I should these are not matters to concern ourselves with. “Marketers Ruin EverythingGary Vee — one of the first equations I found on this matter, and something I utter in my mind whenever happening upon these occurrences.

He himself even mentions “AdWords is down”, now this is not a new idea or concept, Google built a business on connecting the world this way, the shift in the pattern, exists mostly because of large entities accepting and applying this idea. The major reform being sought now is the precipice of such a concept and its evolution of impact.

Let me stop persisting with words and now attempt to illuminate with a mix of visuals…

Yielding a string of YouTube videos with Jobs-Esque wisdom/scenes/thoughts, we have to be mindful of where we put what. Looking at products alone returns a stream of trail content, whether direct or relative, we are becoming the machine. Do not think I am not mindful of such that this may pretext, quoting myself, and relating such an emotive.

Though it proves a point. We are cogs in a machine of data, and all of these inputs are choices. I repeat — all of our inputs tweets/likes/shares are aggregate contexts we emit into these digital biomes.

I often imagine such as this…

A functional machine is that of social, and much of the internet experience. ‘’Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don’t forget to go outside Azeroth with them as well!’’ Children will write and draw with their headsets/lens/minds in schools of the future. Once a tooltip in W.o.W (World of Warcraft) seems to carry a cadence of truth in what some would say a dystopian way. Though I am sure not enough of us, myself included did not mind these words well at the time, it becomes increasingly apparent today.

As documentation becomes even more prolific, it makes one wonder at what point the Facebook “born” post will actually become a component of our interactions, when our profiles become our certificates of existence, and how that could play into our existence as a whole.

I mention these components not out of critique, more so of curiosity. When I finally close my eyes, fighting sleep, I wonder about how all of these contributions will shift the life of the future. These components could become gravely beneficial, in the sense that having these inputs could connect us to a spectrum of solutions, the very data we are afraid of could someday save our lives, or more importantly that of others.

When we use these technologies to unite the world and share experiences/information/existence we have the ability to create a brighter future.

It is imperative, understanding the depth of these experiences as they continue to develop our outward settings as well. As the future of technologies only increases its predominance in our daily lives, these considerations, from the moment you start using the internet for the first time, until you cancel your services and move on, will be a growing factor in it all.

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Thanks for Reading, Keep Equating!

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