The Future of the Intelligent, Emotional, and Adaptive Quotient

The internet is swirling with concepts of development in each language, nuance, and abbreviation of context. Wrapped in the bindings of a structure are the element based developments of each profession, evolving at exceeding rates. As specialization continues to evolve into corners of the world where solutions become the prodigal vocation, it begins, the smaller and smaller layers become the actuation of success for markets.

The viability of industrialization was the pseudo-economic value of dividing the work across simplified structures and organizing the tasks to a fit automated objective. In the modern age, rather, the second of that, the trend is continuously focused on an approach to the newer market, latest demographic, and speaking to an audience that beholds the latest uptaking.

As evolution occurs in a subset of driven goals and tasks, the pursuit of careers becomes a structure smaller than that of the ones before; delivering segments to the once-massive figurative structures that overarch previous insight.

The Current Form of Metrical Human Intelligence

A focus of adaption in our modern world is bucketing, collecting, and defining larger increments into smaller and more definable traits. This is a process across the physical, digital, and evocated plain that becomes more and more as time passes. The Greek anticipation of this lead before the Renaissance, then through to the evolution of specialization in medicine, and again in that of the professional world as the ’80s brought a great need for defined understanding.

What comes from these focuses is an inherent cyclical focus of the direct view, the obvious solved ability that occurs in the nuance of spaces most obvious. Coming to understand the viability of metrics past and present, human nature, becomes conditioned to the ideas presented. The focuses that individuals found success, referred to as niche, gain traction as more and more flock to the understanding of humanism that folds out to become the genre of the trend.

Defining the culture of a mass becomes a recurrent fulcrum in the idealistic pride sense. Taking on a subset, of the subset, and continuing to ponder that path until met by a wall. The wall is the persistent format, a concept that looking for traits from successors only leads too far into the identity of success without fostering ample room for idyllic developments.

The Depth of Human Experiences & Solutions

Filtering micro nuance becomes an awareness that one begins to assume after finding the wall, ceiling, or identity that they need to overcome to begin a journey to the next.

Seeking the path past perception gains insight into self, logic, and process that build ideation to the next step. Studying the ideas at a macro level, one begins to find the theme repetitive and repressing, through one's own accord. Finding the nuance of obsession, being the first to say what, in overlapping audiences of when with the factors of proliferation that exceed masses.

Identifying the factors that bring concurrence to true self is the idea of finding nuance in the nuance. Defining factors of development without the mass becoming the logic.


Listening to intellectual conversations about intellectual topics affords the time to work and develop ideas while also considering different viewpoints. Finding depth in existing mass, while wielding interpretation concurrently. Grasping these concepts helps the day become a new day, each day, with insight past that of the one before.






Watching media as a relayed active method instead of a regularly programmed focus provides a dive past the initial brief of topics and into the nuance of unique layers. Connecting these conversations provides solutions to a complexity that overcomes our initial attempts at understanding.




Connecting to a variety of ideas through e-mail and applications has become an increasing way to unify your feed and dynamically capture experiences in focused areas of preference. Building sorted feeds and inputting focuses helps direct the flow of media to the inbox and notifications.





Connecting with unique individuals becomes a process of understanding a request for filtering the common feed of information and focusing the data that is apparent to a daily understanding. Focusing these intricacies provides insight into more aware micro universes, within a macro experience.




The Future of Intelligent Beings Expression & Measurement

Becoming stewards of pace and appreciation is a preference of existence that hurdles the past over and over. Finding an ability to tune out the noise from a defined perspective of concurrence and establish a methodology of existence that partakes its own journey is that of the experience.

Choosing sources for balance identifies a path to success that eliminates the opinion of a differentiated outline in which overarches the predisposition of an outlined environment. Focusing specialization as a trait of macro contribution becomes less about definitive measures in enumerating the odds of the fitting and derives traits of direct contribution through a change-focused method.

Perspective shifts when the aligned need becomes cognizant of the inherent trait. Altering time is an effectual method of partaking in time, as the conclusion of fate is often derived from the concurrence of truths. Positioning the outcome of interaction in the place where the solution meets the forecasted need, resolves as an act of nature, when thought is integrated above the line of defined nuance, and past.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Educating!

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Joe Alongi

Joe Alongi

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