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Floor to Floor Testing

I enjoy elevators because they remind me of A/B testing, much like the way we experience different components of sites or call to actions throughout an experience or ecosystem. We embark on two primary paths, the up and the down. Of course, there are those that seek the staircase of avoidance and we certainly know they are the direct traffic with all of their needs bookmarked and auto-filled, but what about those that leave it up to the glowing buttons to decide their experience. With so many variables it can be hard for this to be a true test, but much like life, there is a very pure feeling about such a dynamic set of properties.

Experience Models

As you enter an elevator there is a varying array of floors (choices), people (content), and a multitude of things from music to branding (noise). Truly our obvious intention is to move to our floor with a minimal amount of effort, but with an exception that it may not be a direct path. Understanding these moments have within themselves micro-interactions, from the headphone ignore to the loud talker, we can understand what contributes to a generally enjoyable experience and how others perceive that as well. Hello is a great first test, just hold the world at the end, some of them may stumble over that. Watch how others interact, if they begin a story, or recant your action, you gain valuable insight on how each action can attribute to that person's satisfaction in the experience.

The Human Analytic

Though it may seem humorous comparing interactions of the physical world with the digital, it is not too far of a stretch when focusing on the contributions of a well-rounded experience. The interactions we seek in digital space are forged from our experiences in the physical world, understanding only one end without correlation can be evident through the lack of consideration. It is important to see these experiences, and as humans test them for understanding, even though truly there are more metrics on one end for precision. Seeing these as psychological contributions to developing a unified connection between experience and humanity, we must engage on both fronts, considering that with one product there can be an array of perspectives to consider.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Experiencing!

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