The Threads of Being Right

Successful Patterns of Structures’ Tapestry

Working fast and talking slow can only get you so far, with, well about everyone. When working with clients, organizing with teams, and building with enterprises experience floods the gates of doubt to fill the sphere of position. The space between conversations is fluid, the thought of action requires it to be a solid.

Condensing life into a packaged outcome means focusing the abstracts or success with the variables of prominence, structuring the meta-theory of conversations in juxtaposition with the relevant trend.

Thousands, hundreds, millions of ideas shape the common plane of communication that takes ideas from nurture to existence. Whom wins this outcome is often based on the backed receiver with the most clout in the ring.

Knowing this, as a rising professional the challenge is to back yourself with data, analysis, and successful examples that have lead to a cadence of delivery unfettered by time.This is not easy, to all the barista social strategists, the weekend search wonders, and the part-time developers, experience does not come easy, and neither does success.

Many will come to understand that outcomes become more clear with time and training. Doubt is the double-edge sword that leaps the cusp of every unclear decision until one has served enough of these solutions to emanate success. For a framework this means that education must be backed with experience to build a combination of robust thoughts.

To take ownership of a project alone is naive even on a 1:1 basis.

The experience of the business is the force multiplier that accelerates the strategy beyond data and into fruition. Knowing is half the battle they say and so that is how one must proceed.


Spending thousands of hours builds a keen sense of a working framework that establishes viability in regards to the outcome.

In context, this is anything done enough to foreshadow and see an outcome begin to occur.

The framework is mostly built from personal preference, professional reference, and areas of actualized paths that establish the ethos of preciseness around decisions. If the decision tree is based on one’s own, then amongst it, one must consider the application of external logic to fit a projection outcome aligned with the goal of others.

Seeing this occur, again and again, stakeholders decide their outcomes, choose their focus, and establish their focus — far before the actual facts weigh in. What this means is that our frameworks become our work, sometimes, even before our work becomes successful.

A kindness to keep in mind is that there is no lateral progression of humans in which makes one thing perfectly align, there are only frameworks structures for success aligned with ideas that occupy it. The steam engine & assembly line revolutionized how we moved and made, though once accustomed, every competitor in the sphere had concurred that space.

There is a precedence to being early, though an even more preferred preference to being right — on customers, users, solutions, outcomes, and life. Many times this means money, sometimes success, others simply survival.

Commoditization frameworks occur when success is too easily encountered and too quickly assumed, this is the bias many enable through confidence, and few rise above.


If success is a tapestry, it has many woven parts, and to that one must establish them properly, in arranged order, to see all of the worlds become as one wishes.

Working fast and talking slow sets the stage for success, though as many have learned is not the only iterate of condition.

Researching, developing, and iterating is a framework much like the assembly line — interjecting Scrum and Kanban to articulate the evidence of outcome and pause momentarily at each evolution. Noticing that success rarely comes from thinking fast and working slow, one can surmise that good work must be done at a matched speed, to meet if not only, sociological expectation.

When weaving the layers of success, one does not simply arrange or accumulate them. Finding the evidence of research, the encounter of truths from the competition, enumerating the stories of brand & business, and following on to the framework of each will quickly begin to develop a snowball of solution that takes away the reductionist examples of accelerated choices and fast speaking decisions.

The fabric-al structure of success can happen fast and slow, though more importantly how one considers this notion is imperative. Establishing paths for all stakeholders to accompany the journey with key insight is a winning solution.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Fitting!

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