What Empathy Mapping Teaches Us

The Teammate Within Ourselves and Support from Others

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Often we hear that agile development is the most rapid way to prototype and define a solution through validation. We can see how that perspective has yielded very strong results historically, it is quite an effective method. As we progress we are always looking to work smarter. What we learn as entrepreneurs are that there are more ways than we are often given to solve.

We must work multiple angles to a solution, and sometimes follow our instinct when it is our strongest calling. Most shops will regard such a focus as less than practical in the long run, certainly making assumptions about our users can leave us far down the road with a lot invested. There are others that will say road-mapping can even tie up the process and will bottleneck our creative solving along the way.

Balance in Process

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The balance we are finding lies in defining what is valid for our team, how we can approach the solution, and how much we can invest in all angles. We spent some time this week focusing on empathy mapping, working through user stories, and talking through our MVP for validation with research. Empathy mapping brought a lot of thought to this process, looking at our user stories, and intentions, we found new features, solutions, and ideas of what could drive our new platform to succeed.

As we build new products we learn more and more about successful processes, what angles can contribute to efficiency, and where we can work smarter to solve our concept. Our team is fortunate enough to have a lot of the angles covered when it comes to product development, although there are only three of us, we know where we can benefit and each take on the leadership components where we need to.

Road-mapping is a focus that is lead through a lot of market research, user stories, and empathy mapping, there are more contributions in all of the research, but we must begin somewhere. Defining and refining features to develop and how to approach the market can focus our niche benefits, especially aligned with large competitors. We admire products that put their heart into it, we have certainly learned from the firms that took something and made it their own, focusing their effort on creating a community to help build the product with them.

Working for Our Dreams

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In each of our own works we bring components of our preferred experiences, in this sense, the brands we know that give so much to their users and get so much in return. As we continue to develop our new solutions and provide services to brands on a continued path, we learn how to move faster and work smarter so that each of us can contribute and end the day fulfilled.

What matters most when we are creating, is that we have our hearts present, and when we are away we focus on what is important in our existence as well. If you have ever built a business, worked on a side project, or taken a huge risk to make something big, you will appreciate this. I certainly know our team loves every moment of learning how to do, make, and work together.

We have learned from some of the best that having patience and showing gratitude can be a lot harder than creating the best products on the market. We hope to bring more updates soon, but certainly, know that we are working hard to create some exceptional products and learning along the way because that is our passion.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Learning!

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