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Today’s View

The waves of this metaphorical ocean are quite tumultuous; with the world playing the game and everyone taking a swing. From entrepreneurial rafts to extensive corporate liners, the horizon is lined with opportunity. What a lot of us initially see is the ship, the crew, and the wondrous flags and utilities that fill the decks we admire. Starting a small business on the weekend, pulling scrap wood from old buildings, or even our dining room table, we begin to understand what it takes to move with the waves. The once sought goals of many became drifting pieces that others collect, or even less, take residence upon the ocean floor.

Wooden Legacies

As we discover it takes more than a few nails and a hammer to knock a solid ship into existence. That being said, it does not need to be perfect all at once. This interesting paradigm exists between these two entities, the underwhelming dingy and the overweighted freighter. Excuse my ship vernacular, for you buoyant jive-divers out there. We often shortchange the experience of longevity and commitment with anticipation and expectation, finding that we learn more from washing ashore on our 2x4s than riding our unfortified yacht into the sunset. Learning to build the ship, is just as challenging as navigating the waves themselves, individual nuances considered, respecting the process of the nautical pursuit is a worthy journey.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Pursuing!

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