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Welcome back

I sound smart, I dress simple. this is the antithesis of my trip back home, or at least the venture so far. Finding new ways to create and old spaces to revisit, a sort of calm I had been seeking for a while.

I had spent most of 2017 in the office, other time working on side projects or contract work around design to engineering and the many spaces in between. I was fortunate enough to find myself in New Mexico and New Orleans and had a few ventures around the coast as well.

Really, I am just a kid with big dreams. Like many, I grew up connected to a computer, living both the offline and online presences to the best I could; always finding myself, well, tired. Through the journey, I sort of found a balance to identify where I could do the best of both.

The first few months here, I spent, working on another project, visiting coworking spots and finding local ventures that I admired, to follow and potentially link with. The rest, well, sort of unfolds/unfolding/becoming.

The stage unfolds

I started writing today because, well to me it is the best way to get back into code, is that not what this is anyway? Dialogue/storyline/life, its code. It has been a couple of days, so this is my mind yoga.

Anyways, my journey has been interesting. If you know me, you would probably sit there in utter disbelief, as most of the people I know, locally, as I ventured from gathering to gathering, upon my return. It is sort of the antiquity of living in a small town.

The funny thing about time is this element of colloquialism or in a sense the split contexts that it provides. Mentioning this, I even feel reductive at this point, though I’ve learned to just accept the outcome of your/mine/others thought.


The past decade of my life has been a straight launch forward into the spirit realm, or some other, instance, in which I am a part of now, whether lingering or walking past. I say this in hyperbole, as it becomes interesting to summarize what focus for that long develops in/around/within you. Jokingly, I say woke now; quite often.

The last couple specifically were really venturous as far as placing them down against tests of my own and others, to sort through how in which I fit in this life, in many a sense, a challenge; or so it felt like. This experience is all about finding those for yourself, and within others, which I feel makes us more akin, to those around us.

JustCode, I use quite often as an example, though I have had amazing experiences elsewhere, it was the first big venture I started, with two other friends.

What it taught me was how effective a small team could be, what it takes to make a business work, and how moments could be the difference between a big check or negative factoring RedBull.

Along with the essence of startup culture, the effort, alignment, and definition a business needs to launch from a couple of coders to known creators.

This wave has been that, a slide along the line of renowned and pivotal. A curious experience between dream and reality. Shaping, from this, is a hunger, to create my own.


As experiences go, this whole version is layered with the moments of prior, haunted by those of past and filled with those of present, sometimes, requiring a second look. A lot of people afford the escape of never looking back, but it mitigates your ability (in this context), looking forward.

Through it all, I gathered a unique understanding of how to map success in certain areas, how to understand humans/people/users as entities that interact to create outcomes, and how to evolve self to new versions.

I started freelancing and consulting to sort of alter this future of mine. A way to share a framework for successful creation, nuance, and some iterations of fun while building proposals, of how in which we can become better communicators in the digital world.

Taking the experience from what I've lived, where I've seen strong interaction, and my own theories, to anticipate and guide an unveiling of components that will continue to drive the larger focus while serving edible versions of value across the spectrum.

Collectively, all of this sorts its way out, in one form or another, though, channeling it to create a larger platform organically has been an exciting experience.

As it goes along, defining a new medium each time to teach/classify/adapt into the version I saw work last, has driven a few ideas in the context of the next step.

The future of this brand may become larger, or stay, as a step process— regardless the focus is to keep it manageably balanced, as myself producing and dividing where and how each piece goes in.

Thanks for Reading, Keep Finding New Paths!

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Digital Developer @ Mr. Smith Agency. Engineering — WordPress, Shopify, React, JavaScript, Node & Cloud Native software experiences.

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