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I gathered these thoughts from my experiences, my past interactions alone, understanding people and strife. I look to define the precipitous of reality, by its gripping notations and allegiances. The factors enumerating my thoughts are often variable like gripping against the focused reality I seek. Understanding these cognitions has aligned my thought and that of others.


Each of these notations is the correlation between memory, past presence, and experience. My time, the recent past has yielded consequence, destruction, and hunger for prosperity, with these interpretations, I evaluate. These collections of variance… in these spheres of interest, I have gathered and aligned thought to format, well a life.


1 ] Year TwentyFive

“I sound smart, I dress simple. this is the antithesis of my trip back home, or at least the venture so far…” [Read More]

2 ] Destiny

“Where you start/is always somewhere near the bottom / each day” [Read More]

3 ] Connectivity

“ I love this word, connectivity because it describes what I do…” [Read More]

4 ] Indigo

“ I find it a narrow gap between what I think and what I make, in many ways…” [Read More]

5 ] Focus

“ The reticle I focus mostly now is in how in which I solve. Thinking of this morning…” [Read More]

6 ] Condition et al

“ Peculiar interest aside, the infinite wanderings of our mind begin to unveil the proximity of parallel partaking…” [Read More]

7 ] Constitution

“ Perseverance, reverence, wisdom, formulation whatever substance of stoicism you construct will be the just format of burden…” [Read More]

8 ] Equi-valence

“ A balanced approach is a tactical decision. Something we learn through experience, that the maneuver for the approach is often best written in haste…” [Read More]

9 ] Qualitative

“ Experiencing intelligence is the evolutionary correspondence to rational logic. Consciously evaluated the paramount structures reside on plausible values of intrigue.” [Read More]

Thanks for Reading, Keep Minding!

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