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Full Stack Developer @IBM — Java, Spring, React, React Native, JavaScript, Node, NoSQL, Kubernetes & Cloud Native. (These Views Are My Own)

You may have always wanted an assistant, a virtual business helper to get your daily tasks done — a reminder to check, validate and approve an outcome. Focusing on remedial tasks and turning them into a full-circle event that encapsulates every step of an important process in one-go.

Watson does, that, well, it can. Dialog works the way you speak — would speak, rather, and possibly are, as if you were having a conversation, intents, well they monitor your type exchanges for quality and return a score of how precise your request described a step in the process.

Confidence is…

React Native is a framework for building Native, iOS, and Android applications in React. As many of the application based languages, React Native takes a mobile spin on views, and expands the DOM into a mobile state.

Expo is a framework for establishing React Native applications, launching, testing, and bundling them to ship across networks for users. As early as I could remember Expo has been a leading solution for showcasing development features with quickly hosted and viewable QR established environments.

React Objective

Ephemeral notions are this, you have an object, animate or more often not. The presence of quality behind this is alternative to the injunctive present, meaning, you always want more from the morsel than it proceeds.

This is quality the pertinence of the abstraction that the mind finds in the beheld, the expectation and the presence between.

Are you curious to perceive more, find optimism, sulking to want less, try patience; counters for the derived are found in the adjective not the verb, even less in the noun.

What you find is that completing anything means you have reached either…

You have an idea, an innovation, an invention — building something is your goal, reaching users is the method, and monetary acquisition is your path. Entrepreneurs make, sell, and reach new heights everyday, so why can’t you?

Meet the M.V.P or Minimum Viable Product. A usable idea-based solution that fits the framework of your larger objective and becomes the solution to showcase your concept, gain funding, and move forward while gaining traction.

Multiple Step Processes

Trust the process is a common turn of phrase that is immensely true here. Figured out what your problem is, the solution to your problem, and then…

Are you building a new application in React? Stepping up to the plate for the first time with your eyes peeled at the latest features of Next.js?

Wondering how in any to fit hooks with props, balancing SaaS product integrations, connecting APIs, and driving traffic should be your focus — Bootstrap was developed to get you into the environment quickly with products and ideas based around a familiar framework.

Bootstrapping Products

There are many solutions to this point with UI/UX best practices thought through and established, building products has become much more practical with the consideration of modern JavaScript and frontend frameworks…

Web vitals are the latest and greatest feature of developer tooling since page speed insights. Measuring the elasticity of cloud based virtual machines, code optimization, and database evoked configurations.

Largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift are the metrics that focus the developer of the 3rd decade of the twenty first century.

What these words mean, as these metrics mean, each user experiences to the depth of their awareness. Satisfaction on loading speed and quality, timing of actuation in page opening, and ease of access when approaching web/software as a solution.

Architecture Vitals

Web and applications are leading…

Services are continuously evolving, therein they require continuous development. Practically many developers establish these practices and tool sets before even reaching an agile ecosystem.

Acknowledging the need for testing & validation before enabling code in the production services. Developers turn to version control systems to enable logical paths to live environments.

GitHub has been a main-contender in Open Source development throughout the past decade. In the last year the movement to cloud-native has pushed GitHub closer to integration with developer solutions.


Continuous integration tool for auditing and monitoring codebases.


Monitoring and code improvement solution for continuous integration.


In 2020 I focused on developing core principles through templating best-practices into effectual logic cycles that become independent frameworks of their nature.

Pedigree is up to the developer forking, establishing, and building from the effectual framework. Knowing the framework is as simple as reading documentation. Adapting simple logic into complex business methods is the task at hand.

Static sites are a great place to start, often individuals to businesses look to Squarespace & Wix to generate simple templated sites that saturate with users though are often quite repetitive. …

It is almost the end of 2020, this year started very structurally, structural indeed with many new trends, ideas, and languages appearing on the IDE palette & terminal command.

In 2019(Twenty Nineteen) I had been building webpage upon webpage to think over how in which to draw action to experience with paid and organic traffic. Who knew a software engineer could impact the exchange of 2M(Two Million)+ user searches in a month — with a few pages, an API from the web applications developer, and Google Ads.

React was my focus of 2020(Twenty Twenty). I had set out to expand…

Adapting repositories through Git past their initial state is a common practice of developers to forge better and more efficient codebases.

Interactive rebases allow developers to alter commits, remove previous commits, and adapt commits to the real-time codebase throughout that repository history.

Effectively, anything from an email change to, a series of commits around a particular feature can be adapted to fit the interchange of commits in, around, and across the repository.

Source Control

Joe Alongi

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